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Williams Act

If you have a concern or complaint about an urgent facilities or environmental issue that "poses a threat to the health and safety of pupils," anyone can file a Williams Act complaint.  It's a simple form.  You can handwrite it.


Download the form either in English or in Spanish.


Fill it out.


To deliver it, you have three options:

  1. You can hand a hard copy to your principal.

  2. You can scan and email it to

  3. Or you can put it in the mail with attention to Hector Molina to 435 Sixth Street, Woodland, CA 95695


Other options.  You may want to copy others that should be aware of the problem, e.g.

  1. Email us at

  2. Contact your trustee (they are supposed to help their constituents or propose policy changes to solve deeper structural issues of repeated or urgent problems)

  3. Contact the news media, e.g. Daily Democrat can be emailed at:


By law, the district is obliged to respond to any Williams Complaint in writing within 60 days.  If you are unhappy with the response, you have 14 days to appeal to the state.


You would write: 

California Department of Education

School Facilities and Transportation Services Division

Attention: Juan Mireles, director

1430 N Street, Suite 1201

Sacramento, CA 95814


More information can be found here,  along with a sample list of types of "emergency or urgent health and safety threats."


Questions:   Diane Waters | | 916-327-2884

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