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Everyday our children are exposed to hundreds of untested chemicals at home and school in everyday products.


Meanwhile, environmental health scientists are discovering more about how even small doses of chemicals can harm children’s brains and hormonal systems.  Because children play close the ground, breathe faster, and eat and drink more pound for pound, they often have higher chemical exposure than adults.  To make matters worse, children’s kidneys and livers are not yet fully developed to process and eliminate chemicals from the body.


This toxic burden is taking a toll on children’s health. 

    • Asthma rates in children have doubled since 1980.

    • Cancer now kills more children under the age of 20 than any other disease.

    • One is ten children now start puberty earlier than prior generations.

    • Anxiety, ADHD, autism, depression, and other mental health issues are on the rise.

    • Beyond lead, many other chemicals and pesticides can cause permanent IQ and brain damage.


Of the 30,000 synthetic chemicals circulating in food and consumer products, only about 200 of them have been systematically tested for safety.  EPA admits that 85% of chemical registrations are approved with no health studies at all.


What can you do to protect your children from harm? 
Take the Green Pledge!


1.  Yes, I want to learn simple and affordable ways that my family can remove toxics from our home.


2.  I commit to being a “green sheep” of my family and community and share this information with others, so we can take action to solve these issues together.

3.  And, I pledge to collaborate to make our schools healthier and more sustainable places to learn.  


By signing up, I will receive a monthly newsletter with affordable tips and suggestions to reduce my family’s exposure to harmful chemicals.  

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