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In Area 3 race (historic neighborhoods), we have endorsed Bibiana Garcia a tax professional, small business owner, and mother who has worked for a decade at every level (school, district, state) as a parent advocate for all English learners (a third of all children entering Woodland schools).  She has been president of the District’s English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) since 2018 and is VP of the California Association for Bilingual Education, Chapter 76.  She’s exactly the kind of person needed on the board to remind the trustees to remember the most vulnerable students of our district in their decisions. She’s won endorsements from the Yolo Democratic Party, previous superintendents, and leaders across the state (including Dr. Francisco Rodriguez, Chancellor of LA’s Community College District). 

—> For more on that race, you can read the public debate itself.

In the Area 5 race (east of East towards Spring Lake), we have endorsed Kandice Richardson Fowler.  President of Beamer PTA, Kandice has also served on numerous district committees and raised issues about the inclusion of African American students in the district.  One of her passions is to bring organic and local food into lunches. Both the Yolo County Democratic Party and the Daily Democrat have endorsed Kandice Fowler over incumbent Debbie Decker based on her platform and the professionalism she would add.


I will also note the (appointed) incumbent Decker voted against or ignored every major environmental issue (climate action planning, toxic carpet, pesticide reform) the coalition brought to the attention of trustees over the last three years.


—>For more on that race, you can read the debate itself.

Congratulations to Trustee Jake Whitaker who ran unopposed to fill out his term in District 2, allowing him to serve our community another four years!  
Continue following him here.
Welcome to new Trustee Noel Rodriguez who will represent Area 4, 2020-24 and who currently serves Woodland as President of the Woodland Public Library Board of Trustees

Vote Yes on Measure Y.  I encourage you to vote Yes on Measure Y.  This would simply extend the same small property tax that would otherwise expire.  The schools are strapped for facilities and, frankly, children are learning in hazardous conditions.  Spending for this bond would be based on a participatory school-level analysis of top facilities needs.  Woodland has not passed a school bond since 1999 and, even if this passes, our taxes are half that of similar surrounding towns:

Measure Y:  capped at $30 per $100,000 of property tax

West Sac:  $47 per $100,000

Esparto:  $60 per $100,000

Winters, $60 per $100,000

See WCGS coordinator, Dr. Liza Grandia’s letter of endorsement in the Woodland Daily Democrat.
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