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As with other issues, the district did not initially want to share information with parents.  So we filed a public record request in January 2018 and discovered that among other hazardous cleaning chemicals, the district was still buying hand soaps that contained an anti-bacterial ingredient, triclosan, that was banned in 2016 by the FDA as a known carcinogen and hormone disruptor.

After we called attention to this in public comment at board meetings, behind the scenes the district began to phase out these chemicals and simplify its inventory.  It has switched to sustainable enzyme-based cleaners that are fragrance free and has dramatically reduced the use of disinfectants because the eco products are working so well. 

What a welcome change--for custodial workers, children, teachers and staff!  

More details to be posted as we learn them!  

For more information on the hazards of regular cleaners on indoor classroom air, see this landmark chamber study by the Environmental Working Group.

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