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The Gambling Commission’s latest statistics131 show that between October 2018 and September 2019, the GGY for all non-remote gaming machines fell by 11.8% compared to the previous period This decrease was driven by the reduced stake limits on B2 machines from £100 to £2. For the whole year from October 2018 to September 2019, which included 6 months with a maximum stake of £100 and 6 months with a maximum stake of £2, the GGY on these machines fell by 46.4% compared with the last whole year with a £100 maximum stake. It can safely be said that the GGY for a whole year with a £2 maximum stake will have been more than 90% lower.

Therapidgrowthanddevelopmentofonlinegamblingisoneoftheprimaryreasons that all three main UK political parties, and the Scottish NationalParty, undertook pledges to reform gambling legislation. The ConservativePartymanifestopledgehasbecomeasloganfortheconcernthat“theGamblingActisincreasinglybecomingananaloguelawinadigitalage.”


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